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EZ Flash IV review + Purchase Link

June 26 2014 , Written by Carol Robinson Pokefan Published on #Video Games

Recently, I bought myself a GBA. I wanted to play some roms since some games are becoming rare and I don't want to risk damaging them. I decided that my best choice would be to Buy EZ Flash IV.

Front of the cartridge

Back of the cartridge

Comparison of size to a regular game

Game in a Gameboy Micro

The cartridge is very sturdy, and is the same size as a regular Gameboy Advance cartridge.


On the right side of the cartridge is a Mini-SD slot. I am using a Mini-SD to Micro-SD adaptor and have found that once I inserted the Micro-SD adaptor into the cartridge, it was near impossible to remove it.

From my tests, I have found that it works in all the Gameboy advance devices I have (Gameboy Advance SP/Gameboy Micro/Gameboy Player/DS/DS Lite).

The software

I have changed the skin from the default because it was horrid to look at and wouldn't show very well in my screenshots.
Any screenshots taken are from me using my device on a Gameboy Player.

This is the default menu you are greeted with when you load up the EZ Flash IV. It has 5 options:

  • File Browser
  • Ebook Reader
  • Minesweeper
  • Settings
  • Help


Many of these settings don't contain much information and most of the Help section is in chinese, so I'll skip to rom loading.

Once you open the file manager, you are greeted with an option to boot from the SD card or boot from the NOR memory. The SD cart is where all your ROMs will be stored, so I will detail that first.

All ROMs need to be converted using the PC software EZ-Flash Client. This is painless to do as it takes the input file and automatically outputs the converted ROM and save file on your SD card. Once you select your game stored on the SD card it will alert you that it is loading (takes about 5 seconds to load a 16mb game) and will then boot the game.

You can then proceed to play the game normally, as you would if you were playing it on a legitimate cartridge.

Once you save the game and restart the Gameboy Advance, the first thing presented to you will be a menu alerting you that your save is being copied to SD card. This is because when you save, it saves the game to the internal battery and then later moves it to the SD card. This is also fast, taking about the same time as it takes to load a game.


Out of the many games I have tried, 99% of them have worked fine first try. The 1% was the Mother 3 translation rom, where I was greeted by the following message:

This is because the game is too large (32mb) and will need to be copied to the internal NOR memory. Doing this takes about 10 minutes to erase and flash the ROM, but only needs to be done once for each game flashed to NOR. after it has been flashed, it will now appear on the file manager menu, not on the SD-card menu.

Flashing to NOR has it's advantages over loading from SD, mainly that the speed of loading is faster compared to SD, but I have personally only used it for the problematic Mother 3.

I believe that this device is great value for money, providing an easy way to play GBA roms on your original hardware, compared to other devices that require outdated connectors such as Parallel port to flash the games. The price is also cheap so if you are looking for a cheap way to play your GBA games I thoroughly recommend it I have recently purchased mine from a US seller zercath on Ecrater.com, As of 2014 Ebay does no longer allow the sale of EZ Flash IV carts or any Flashcarts, You could check that seller out and see if he still has any for sale,I received mine from this seller in a few days for a great price, good luck http://zercath.ecrater.com

BUY NOW HERE http://zercath.ecrater.com/p/19243669/ez-flash-iv-ez4-gba

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